Guitar Repair Overview


BEFORE:  Here is an Ibanez electric guitar that barely survived a house fire.  Fortunately the owner made it in much better condition.  He didn't have much luck finding someone to tackle this job and I was happy to try and help.

Each instrument is unique and so are its problems.  It is often  in your best interest to have a qualified luthier work on your instrument.   It will cost you more to have someone fix your mistake than it would be to have the work done right the first time.  In some instances you can ruin your instrument permanently so be careful before trying a "DIY Mod" you find on the internet.  It takes many hours to learn one thing properly and thousands of hours to get proficient at luthiery. 



In the repair section of the website you'll find information about guitar repair which might help justify the costs of repair by a professional and also information on avoiding unnecessary repair work.  For example...purchasing strap locks instead of paying to fix a broken headstock.

AFTER:  As part of the discussion with the owner of this guitar we decided against making an exact duplicate of the guitar prior to the fire.  Instead, he liked the idea of adding a little "flame" that was pleasant. 

At a certain point guitar players will need to find a qualified luthier.  It is my hope that reading through the repair section will help you appreciate the importance of the work we do.

In the age of instant gratification and 5 minute online videos to train people how "fix your own guitar"  in minutes or "build your own guitar in 7 days", I would argue the information provided on this site is even more important.  It is fantastic to have information at our disposal with the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger but there is good information, bad information and horrible information out there and it's up to each of us to navigate which is which.  It is easy to stumble across a blog, YouTube video or forum where people say "guitar repair is easy"..."luthiers are too expensive" or all sorts of comments along thoselines but, speaking from experience as a player, student, teacher and can try to save money doing it yourself and end up spending far more to have the mess fixed.  

This is not to say if you are interested in learning how to fix guitars you should not try.  By all means, read articles, watch videos, ask questions, get formal is fun, challenging, humbling and at times stressful or even maddening work at times.  For some of us it develops into a lifestyle and a tight knit community of people I'm proud to be a part of.

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