Late in the summer of 1999 I received a phone call about an opportunity to teach electric guitar building at the guitar program where I originally learned about luthiery.  Without hesitation I say yes and after hanging up the phone I wondered what I had gotten myself into.  As a student in the program it seem to be the greatest job in the world where a person came to work every day and talk about guitars.

In January of 2000 I taught my first course and each of the following few years I had the opportunity to teach another course.  Eventually with the growth of the program and my growth as an instructor it became my primary endeavor.  I continued to do customer repair work on my own up to 2010 until my interests in building and later tube amp electronics made it nearly impossible to offer services to the general public.

Guitar Instruction Inherited, Enhanced and Developed

  • Power Tool Safety and Use
  • General Topics
    • Sound
    • Electronics
    • Electric Guitar History
    • Estimating Time/Pricing
    • Nut and Saddle Work
    • Acoustic Pickup Installs
  • Electric Guitar Wiring
  • Electric Guitar Set-ups
  • Fretwork
  • Guitar Finishing
  • Electric Guitar Design
  • Electric Guitar Building
  • Crack Repair

It never gets lost on me how lucky I am to have an opportunity to help people learn the skills I have enjoyed for so many years.  It's an honor to be a part of their learning and help them acquire new skills.  The process of teaching is itself a continual learning experience for me.  I've taught hundreds of students and evaluated thousands of projects all of which have helped me grow inside and outside the classroom.  I'm a better luthier because of these experiences and look to continue that growth long into the future. 

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