Instrument Issues?

While maintenance can also be an issue for a professional luthier to take care of this section is designed to help the player become more informed about their guitar and to better communicate with their tech.



Getting a profesisonal set-up for your guitar can completely change the feel and experience of playing. There are multiple aspects to optimize how well an instrument plays and each aspect relates to the other.

Tuning Problems

Whether a guitar won't play in tune, won't stay in tune or both, it's time for a closer look. If you're a beginner a few simple tips on how to tune may help but it could be any number of things which need attention.

Guitar Nuts

Many production instruments have generic specs to make the instrument playable anywhere the guitar is shipped so some professional tweaks can vastly improve playability. Budget guitars often lack in fit and finish with the nut so perhaps it could be an upgarde and older instruments might just have worn and low slots.

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