There is something special about the late 1950's Les Paul guitars built with curly maple tops and a classic cherry sunburst.  It was something worth aspiring to for quite some time and eventually, a particular piece of maple caught my eye.  I didn't want to copy each and every detail of a Gibson but instead used those amazing guitars as inspiration for something to call my own.  I went through all my fingerboard blanks, neck blanks and mahogany body blanks to combine with that particular maple top and just seemed to cry out for P-90's instead of humbuckers and as usual I chose Lollar pickups.  Instead of a shorter 24.625" scale length, this was built with 25.5" scale reminiscent of the body style which guided much of the BB-2 design.  I hope you enjoy checking out some photographs and additional information contained in the captions (captions may not appear on mobile browsers). 

This guitar appears in the February 2016 Vintage Guitar Magazine feature on semi-hollow electrics.

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